Essay topics (23-05-2019) In many cities, there is little control over the design and construction of new houses. Some people think that people can choose to build houses in their own styles instead of building them with the same as the old house style in local areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


Different countries have distinct cultures, and these are reflected in various aspects of life, including house designs. In yesteryears, people often designed their houses based on geographical and traditional considerations. However, with the advent of technology, exchanges among cultures have become very swift and beyond control; thus, influencing the way people build and adorn their homes. In my opinion, having a single house design in cities is more advantageous than having several ones. Though variety exhibits the creativity of people in the place, uniformity is still more beneficial in as much as economics, safety, and maintenance are concerned.


In terms of economics, cities can save more spaces if they regulate the sizes of houses that can be built in their jurisdictions. Available spaces can be used for commercial purposes, which will eventually result in more job opportunities. Means of living, I think, is more important than grand designs.


Moreover, having uniformity promotes safety. If only houses duly designed by national and local authorities shall be constructed, the citizens can be assured of the quality of the buildings. The agency in charge of urban development knows better the type of structure that would best withstand possible calamities, which might strike the place.


Finally, maintaining houses can be done quickly if there is uniformity. The city leaders can help provide affordable materials for repainting and repairing houses. By doing this, the overall aesthetics of the region are bound to be preserved, and hence, dramatically contributes to avoiding cities looking like squatter areas disorganized, untidy, and crowded.


In conclusion, the only advantage of having multiple designs of houses in cities is showcasing the creativity of people, but the benefits of having a single design are far more significant. Following a model house from the government is good for the economy, is safer, and promotes easy maintenance.







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