ĐỀ THI NGÀY 18-05-2019:
Today people are surrounded by all kinds of advertising. This affects what people think is important and has a negative impact on people’s lives.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Advertising is indeed widespread these days, from TV commercials, radio ads, newspapers, magazines and even on the Internet such as in YouTube and Facebook. I strongly agree that it greatly affects consumers’ judgment, however, I beg to disagree that it only has a negative impact on their lives. While advertising may sometimes be deceiving and confusing, it is still generally helpful for it makes the consumers aware of the brand, provides information about different products, and helps them weigh the benefits.


Through the help of advertising, consumers gain knowledge about the existence of different products. As the awareness of people increases, the number of competitors also increases and that affects the pricing of products oftentimes in favor of the consumers. Another positive impact on people’s lives of advertising is having an informed mind. As consumers watch and listen to different advertisements, they obtain information in a relatively short span of time. However, if they wish to learn more about a particular product or service, some advertisements also provide contact details in case customers desire to make inquiries.


The most important contribution of advertising to the public is their ability to weigh benefits and make the right decision. Since consumers are now aware of the existence of the products and the information, they are now capable of choosing the product that best meets their needs and requirements. However, in doing this, consumers have to make sure that all the details they got are factual and reliable and this depends on their natural ability to judge things.


In conclusion, unlike what most people think, advertising is not an all-deceiving and confusing monster that disturbs the human mind. As a matter of fact, it is helpful in increasing the people’s awareness of various products available for their consumption, providing information about them, and weighing the benefits in order to make the right choice. The possible risk which advertising poses is less serious than the benefits it brings to the public.



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