1. To be back to square one

Meaning: Trở về điểm xuất phát ban đầu, dùng trong trường hợp như kiếm tiền xong bị cướp hết -> back to square one …

Example: I last time I had dinner at a fancy restaurant with my family was yesterday. I had to work overtime for a week to save enough money for that dinner. And now I’m back to square one.


2. To beat about/around the bush 

Meaning: nói lòng vòng lảng tránh.

Example: When I asked him what he spent all my money on, he just beat about the bush and tried to avoid direct eye contact. Sad!


3. To beat the clock 

Meaning: Có thể hoàn thành công việc gì đó trước thời gian định trước.

Examples: We only had minutes before they closed the store so we didn’t know if we could beat the clock. Luckily we were able to withdraw some cash from a nearby ATM the last minute. We ran like hell toward the store and hoped that we could make it in time.

Idiom tương tự: A race against time


4. Down to earth 

Meaning: Để chỉ một người thân thiện và có lối sống gần gũi, có phần giản dị

Example: Even though The Rock is a world class actor, he’s a very down to earth person.


5. Get a grip 

Meaning: Kiểm soát lại cảm xúc, có thể sau khi buồn hoặc sợ hãi

Example: My neighbor’s dog scared me shitless yesterday. I had to get a grip and run back to my house.

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