IELTS Speaking Part 2:

Describe someone who is a good parent


You should say:

  • Who the parent is
  • How you know the parent
  • What the parent looks like
  • And explain why you think the parent is good.


Ok right then, off the top of my head, the parent I’d like to talk about is the mother of a good friend of mine, and the reason for choosing to talk about her is that my friend is always going on about how lucky he is to have such a nice mum. And from what I know about her, I’d say he’s absolutely right.

Anyway, as for how I know her, well it’s basically due to the fact that I went to the same middle school as her son. And because we became pretty good friends, we ended up seeing quite a lot of each other’s parents, especially during the holidays when we often went over to each other’s homes.

And regarding what his mother looks like, well interestingly enough, she actually looks pretty similar to my own mother, because they both have quite round faces and long wavy hair. Having said that, I’ve noticed that my friend’s mother often ties her hair up in a bun whereas my mother usually always keeps it down. And another thing to mention would be that whenever I see her, she always seems to be wearing red clothes, which I guess is probably because red suits her quite well.

But anyway, finally then, with regard to why I think she’s a good parent, well I’d say there are quite a few reasons, one of which would be that she’s always been very supportive to her son. And just to give you an example, when he wondered what major to study at university, he ended up choosing music. And his mother gave him her full support, which is probably not what many other parents would have done, as music doesn’t really leave open a lot of career choices.

And I think it’s fair to say that nowadays, a lot of parents persuade their children to do things which they think are best for them, but my friend has said that his parents have never been like this with him, especially his mother. So I kind of get the impression that she’s never forced him to do anything against his will, and has always let him make his own decisions, which I think’s really great.



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