IELTS Speaking Part 3:

Describe a childhood friend of yours



Are you still in touch with your childhood friends?

Not many of them really, we launched on our own paths ever since we left, primary school. And as a matter of fact, I can’t recall the face or the names of my classmates in grade 4 or 5, if I happen to bump into them, they would just, look as strangers to me. Having said this, I still keep some close contacts ever since, and such friends have become my soul mate. To be honest. I couldn’t think of how miserable life would be if living without such friends.

Why some people lose contact with their childhood friends?

As for my generation, at the time we didn’t have any smartphone to keep contacts, so it’s easy to lose precious relationships. In contrast, today we can snap some photos, add friends on face book, to name but a few, which is hugely conducive to the maintenance of personal contacts. Another reason can be that there are some friends we often do not get along well, and there’s no point in keeping such contacts. At the end of the day, it’s quite a matter of taste and preference in friend selection that really counts.

Who is more important to you, friends or family?

In the deepest part of my heart, I think family natters more to me, although sometimes I may spend more time with my friends. You know, we can only be born once by our parents, but we can make new friends all the time. Besides, in this benefit-oriented society, only parents truly love us. Therefore, family should, carry more weight.

Do you have any foreign friends?

I have a foreign friend whose name is Martina. She comes from America and studies in the same college with me. We met accidentally. She was lost on the way to the language center and I happened to there. Martina is not a complete beauty, but she is always confident and optimistic, which makes her very attractive. She has bright eyes full of wisdom and curiosity but the bad thing about her is that she’s got a quick temper.

How do people in your country make friends these days?

Well to be honest, I would say that people have many different ways to get to know one another. The most common place is at the coffee shop where people of different ages would gather together and share their own stories about themselves. The second way is via Social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter. Needless to say, many teenagers today would log on the web and join some chat groups, which I reckon is the quite useful but may have some potential risks

Do you trust friends that you meet on the internet?

When it comes to friends on the virtual networks, I am pretty cautious. Although, social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter are wonderful platforms for people of all ages to get to know one another, most of the time It’s not reliable to lend your trust to those online friends. This is simply because some guys may treat your nicely and act like your close friends but the reality is that they are, trying to con some money out of your pocket. So the point is we should try to be on red filter when making use of the internet in general and social networks in

How do you get along with people you don’t like?

Well, there is a couple of ways that help when trying to be on good tarns with those you don’t want to have a talk with. The first method lies in a person himself. It is true that we should open our hearts and make efforts to nuke others feel at ease. During a conversation, it’s better if we feather our confidence and bring up the topic first hatha than waiting for others to break the ice. Secondly, individuals had better find more time to be close to each other and find out what they have in common. For example, after watching a comedy at the movie theater, two people found out that they love this type of film, and then they tried to arrange time to spend more time together. The two people ended up being intimate friends forever


Why is it hard to maintain friendships for some people?

Generally speaking, several factors are to blame when it comes to why some. people have a hard time getting along with other surrounding people. The first cause usually lies in the person himself. They tend to distance themselves from others and don’t have frequent talks and time to spend together. As a particular consequence, less mutual understanding is established and the relationship becomes weaker and weaker. Another culprit might be fast-paced lifestyle people suffer from nowadays. After a stressful day at the workplace, it is not uncommon to see many lose their temper or just want to stay home to let their hair down. This makes people spend time on their own, which means less time is spent on others.


Would you only make friends with people who are similar to you?  Do you like to be friends with someone who is different from you?

Yes, certainly. It is no doubt that we can make incredible headway in our relationships if we socialize with those we have at least something in common We may share some interests in or passion for movies or books. This is probably due to the fact that we can easily bring up conversations and keep the talks going when we have shared hobbies. Otherwise, both friends would remain silent all the time, which means less mutual understanding is established. Such a relationship is not going to last long, I reckon.


Do you like to have many friends?

Yes. of course. I’m an extrovert and would love to hang out with a group of friends instead of a few close friends. This is simply because I can become more independent and mature if I’m able to mix with people of different backgrounds, learn their life experiences. It is not wrong to say the bigger your social circle is, the more opportunities in life you can have. Some of your friends may help your find a decent job or lend you a hand Sometime in the not-so- distant future.


Do you think it is possible to be friends with someone if you never meet them in person? = Why Is it easier to make friends on the internet than in reality?

This is advanced age and many of our real life tasks are done virtually by using few mouse clicks. To be a friend, one does not need to be physically present with the others to make a friendship. Using different social communication platforms, we could easily make friendship with the other people living at different parts of the world. They do not need to meet every day in person to share their feelings and emotions. Rather, they are communicating easily using the social communication platform features like chatting or messaging, sharing their pictures etc. As a result, the necessity of licet ins physically every day or after a specific period appears to become less and less.


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