Some individuals assert that long-distance relationships never succeed. 

What are the root causes and potential solutions?

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Bài mẫu ielts task 2 - long distance relationship

In a world that is both fast-paced and globalized, it is highly likely that individuals will be thrust into long-distance romantic relationships. While many believe these relationships are doomed to fail, others work tirelessly to ensure their success. I believe poor communication and lack of concentration are the underlying causes of such breakups. If these issues can be resolved, love is unquestionably within reach.

In essence, nothing destroys a relationship more quickly than poor communication, and distance greatly increases the likelihood of this happening. The disparity in time zones and daily routines makes it more difficult for one party to communicate with the other. Instead of speaking face-to-face, couples would have to communicate through chats and emails. These non-verbal channels can sometimes misrepresent the emotions conveyed by words used, which can lead to grave misunderstandings. In addition, physical distance distracts individuals from cultivating their ongoing romance. Although they are formally in a relationship, long-distance lovers essentially lead separate lives. From late-night parties to holiday travel with friends, it is easy to forget that someone at home is waiting. All of these errors have contributed to the relationship’s demise.

Despite how bleak it may appear, long-distance love can be fruitful if effort, discipline, and creativity are applied. First, couples must find every opportunity to communicate with one another. Modern technologies are extremely useful. From Facetime to voice messages, emojis to emoticons, there are numerous methods for communicating across oceans and continents. Second, discipline is indispensable. Both sides must establish and agree upon rules governing how to keep the passion alive. It could be as easy as calling loved ones before bedtime. In terms of maintaining the health of a relationship, occasional bursts of creativity can be very beneficial. A gift or visit that is unexpected can do wonders.

In conclusion, maintaining a relationship from a distance is difficult but possible. The amount of effort required is challenging, but if it is genuine love, it will all be worthwhile.


Marked by Mike, IELTS Examiner.
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